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smart 4U


smart 4U

Programme "smart FOR you"

Get now your own smart fortwo from 99 euros/month but also smart electric drive from 246 euros/month!

With “smart 4U” program all new smart Fortwo, smart Forfour και smart Electric Edition can be yours by paying in 36,48 or 60 equal parts + 1 last big dose (Balloon) that equals with the residual value of the car in the end of the funding. It is about a programme with standard interest rate that starts from 5% and the client pays at the beginning only a 35% deposit. By paying the last dose, the client has these alternative choices:      

  • Payoff the last big dose and obtainment of  the car's ownership
  • Refinancing of the last big dose according to the valid terms of the bank that particular period
  • Returning of the car to M.Ioannidis SA based on repurchasing conditions









In these prices loan protect is included for all models but also some After-Sales services like Service, Insurance and expansion of Guarantee can be added with extra cost adjusted in the monthly dose, in case you desire it. For smart electric drive, the programme Service Contract Excellent is exclusively valid and it covers :

  • Service for 3 years
  • Silverstone Insuranve for 6 months
  • Expansion of guarantee for 1 year
  • Battery's replacement for 3 years

For more information about the "smart 4U" program you can ask the sales department of M.Ioannidis SA in one of the two outlets: 

East Thessaloniki: Pilea, 8ο km Thessaloniki - Moudania tel: 2310 477020 

West Thessaloniki: Sindos, 8ο km N.R. Thessaloniki-Athens tel: 2310 798913


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