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M. Ioannidis SA

Authorized Distributor &
        Repairer of 
Smart - Mercedes-Benz  

Western Thessaloniki

 25.000 s.m. are central offices of M. Ioannidis SA in the 8th klm N.R. Thessaloniki- Athens. You can find there all the new models Mercedes-Benz and smart and also plenty of MB stars, used cars. In our central premises are also in your disposal

Authorised Passenger Cars ans Vans Service, Trucks Service, Certificated Body and Paint Service Centre , an excellent organised Parts Departments and a wide variety of accessories

I;'s a complete, renovated, compact and multitasking unit, functionally designed so as it can cover every need of our customers. Furthermore, the staff is excellent, qualified, willing to serve you under all circumstances, in all conditions.

 Western Thessaloniki:  you can find us at:

8th Km National Road Athens-Thessaloniki 
PO Box 31 zip code 57400, Sindos Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 2310798913 Fax: +30 2310799564.
e-mai: Ioannidis@ioannidisgroup.gr



East Thessaloniki

A new, contemporary, modern, vertical for sales and after-sales unit, which is designed according to Mercedes-Benz model, functions at the east side of the city. The new premises, with 3.350 s.m. range offer new Mercedes-Benz and smart cars. Target of M. Ioannidis SA is the function of a highly organised and friendly unit, that offer complete services and unique help in our clients that live in the east side of the city and also in the wider area of Halkidiki. 

In East Thessaloniki you can find us at:

8th Km National Road Thessaloniki - Moudania 
P.O.Box: 22412  zip code 55102, Thermi Thessaloniki
Tel: 2310-477020 Fax: 2310-477026. 






M. Ioannidis SA
Authorized Distributor & Repairer of smart cars
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Thessaloniki, Sindos 8th km N.R Thessaloniki/Athens – 2310 798913
Pilea 8th km N.R Thessaloniki/Moudania – 2310 477020