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After sales

After Sales

M.Ioannidis Workshops

M. Ioannidis S.A. takes care of your car continuously and consistently. Not only during the process of the purchase of your car, but also providing fully equipped workshops for passaging and commercial vehicles as well as vans. The workshops are located in Thessaloniki on east (Pylaia) and west (Sindos) side of the city. Our repair shops are crewed by specialized certificated technicians and follow pioneering customer service programs. 

Certificated Body Shop

M.Ioannidis Body Shop (Certified by Mercedes-Benz) promises to sustain the high quality of your vehicle. It offers paintwork repairs to scratches, scuffs, and dents to vehicle damage as well as damage caused by collisions and major accidents. Moreover, our Body Shop can provide you sectional repairs – dyes,  cooperating with your insurance company.

Why to choose M.Ioannidis’ Body Shop? Our Body Shop is  AYTHORIZED and CERTIFICATED. Visiting us you can be sure for the following:

  • Your vehicle will be protected from rust.
  • The expansion of guarantee is secured.
  • Your chosen car’s color is also being secured.
  • Your car service and repairs are carried out by manufactured trained technicians.
  • Guaranteed repairs at M.Ioannidis SA using only genuine Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

Our Certificated Body Shop is located in our central premises on the West side of Thessaloniki: Sindos, 8o h/m N.R Thessalonikis-Athens. If you need further information please contact us at (+30) 2310798913




Spare parts department and Accessories

The only way for someone to guarantee the excellent functionality of a Mercedes Benz car is the usage of genuine spare parts. With warehouses of 1000m2 range, M. Ioannidis SA can provide full availability of genuine spare parts for all Mercedes Benz models for its clients but also for its associates. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of genuine reconstructed spare parts (engines, motors, hubs, gearboxes) from Mercedes Benz with the same quality and integrity as a new one. Accessories and clothing stuff are also existed for the titivation of your car and yourself respectively, but also as gifts. 

Small repairs

Many of you might have noticed a small scrape or other annoying breakdowns on your car but you decided to procrastinate its repair, due to the time that is needed to fix it or usually because of the cost.

The good news is that M. Ioannidis provides the most entire repair services and we can take care of every small damage, dent, and burn (e.g from cigarette) very quickly and effectively. 


M. Ioannidis SA
Authorized Distributor & Repairer of smart cars
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Thessaloniki, Sindos 8th km N.R Thessaloniki/Athens – 2310 798913
Pilea 8th km N.R Thessaloniki/Moudania – 2310 477020