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M. Ioannidis SA


M. Ioannidis SA was founded in 1949 by Mr. Makis Ioannidis as an individual enterprise as workshop, repairing and selling cars.

Makis Ioannidis, Mechanical Engineer was a smart, creative and workaholic person, lover of cars who predicted very soon the concept of vertical premises and in 1956 he founded his first proprietary vertical company in Vas. Olgas 136 specialized in representing corporations Vauxhall.. (sales, spare parts, service)

Since 1973 the company has been the exclusive importer of commercial vehicles ISUZU for all around the Greece and of the passenger vehicles ISUZU for all around the Greece except Athens.

From 1990 the company M. Ioannidis SA is located in Sindos, in Thessaloniki, as Distributor Authorized and repairer of Mercedes Benz, winning plenty of awards and distinctions so from economic magazines, as from public entities as one of the best commercial entrepreneurships in the car field. 


M. Ioannidis SA
Authorized Distributor & Repairer of smart cars
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Thessaloniki, Sindos 8th km N.R Thessaloniki/Athens – 2310 798913
Pilea 8th km N.R Thessaloniki/Moudania – 2310 477020