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Service contracts

We have thought everything all along.

Live the driving pleasure consummately with your new smart: With a smart service contract you choose carelessness, since there is the suitable affordable one for each demand. Guarantee expansion with the Basic service contract, service package with the Compact service contract, service and repairs for specific wears with Compact Plus service contract or complete-full package of carelessness with the excellent service contract. 

 The service contracts in brief:


Avoid with guarantee the unpredictable service expenses. Choosing this programme you remain insured also after the constructor’s guarantee expiration.

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Take care all along your smart to remain in perfecto form: with the compact service contract all the services throughout the contract duration are covered. Thus, your car maintains its value for a long period of time. 

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Compact Plus.

Contact Plus service contract offers you all the advantages of Compact contract. In addition, it increases your security by changing some expendables for specific wears, which are fully covered throughout the duration of contract.

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With this contract you can stay unconcern – we take care of everything. The stable price covers the guarantee’s expansion, all the fixing and maintenance tasks, as well as all the expendables.

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