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Our drive.

The engine and transmission are installed at the rear, enabling the extremely compact design of the smart. You can choose between two powerful 3-cylinder petrol engines, all offering lots of driving fun – even on short journeys in town.



And for the short stops the automatic start/stop system is on board as a standard feature.


The engines.

The engines.

smart – 52 KW engine



Economical. But no sparing on driving pleasure.

The 52 KW engine and the 66 KW engine, each with 3 cylinders, ensure plenty of fun behind the wheel – and contribute to the low overall weight of the smart. This is because the lightweight design results in lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And this not only reduces the strain on the environment, but also on your wallet, thanks to lower petrol costs. Choose the one that suits you.



Automatic start/stop system.

A standard feature: the automatic start/stop system automatically shuts down the engine when the vehicle is stationary – reducing fuel consumption. If desired, the automatic start/stop system can be manually deactivated via a switch.

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